Dancing in the tall, wild grass with the Ennis family

Hey All!

So, I have been notoriously bad at writing blogs. I'm not sure why it's so difficult for me. The idea of getting started just seems so intimidating, having to write and put more than just images out there. But I've been realizing more that I can't ask families and couples to be honest and open up to me if I can't even do it myself. So this is just the first in the beginning of the stories I hope to tell. I'm sorry if it's rough or short. But I hope this beautiful, little family shines through. The Ennis family was such a joy to document. We had to postpone their shoot several times because the PNW was very temperamental this spring. Finally, the perfect day arrived, bright and brilliant and ready for these little ones to run wild through flowers and tall grass. Ali smiled and laughed as she told me about each one of her kids in between making sure they stayed on the walking path and not falling while they ran a little faster than their legs could take them. Each one of their personalities took over when finally they were free to roam around after posing for pictures. Paisley, the oldest, was sweet and cared for each of her siblings. She spoke to each of them so tenderly and was so excited to pose to for certain photos. Sadie couldn't wait to explore and soak in as much nature and adventure as she could. Silly and giggling through our whole shoot, you couldn't help but laugh with her. And Cru and Millie were the sweetest little pair I think I've ever photographed. They were wary of the camera at first but after a couple minutes of wandering and pointing out planes overhead they let loose and were running and laughing with their older siblings. They even gave us a second to get some pictures of just Ali and Zach together. I love when mom and dad get a chance to just be husband and wife even if for just a minute during a few quick photos. This little family was so refreshing for me and I'll remember their session for a long time. It was reminder to not be afraid to just run through that field or chase that wind, stand in the sunlight and take a moment to slow down. 

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