Why You Should Have Family Photos Taken

If you were asked what you would save from a house fire, what would you say? Can you believe that most people would save things that hold sentimental value? Things that are precious and full of memories. Things that aren't just material possessions but are worth so much more than their earthly value. How many of you would save your photos? Do you actually have those photos printed and hanging up or in an album? Not many of us have that nowadays. In fact, even less have up to date family photos that they would keep. There's always the excuses for skipping over getting photos done. There's always next year, we don't have time, the weather isn't good right now, my kids hate getting their pictures taken, I hate getting my picture taken! The list goes on and on. But I want to challenge those notions and tell you what I think are the most important reasons to get family photos taken in this exact moment of life you're in. I know, I know, of course the family photographer wants you to get family pictures taken, but this is something I really, truly believe in! I think these photos are what you'll cherish forever and you'll never regret having them. Take look below at a few reasons why I think family photos should be at the top of your must do list!  

1. Getting family photos taken isn't what it used to be. Gone are the days of stuffy portrait studios, fake backgrounds, and uncomfortable, matching outfits. There is so much freedom, creativity, and personalization that goes into a session now. You have the ability to choose any location to have your photos done at. Whether thats dancing around your kitchen or holding hands as you explore a wooded forest, the possibilities are endless! When you choose a location that means something to you it makes the photos all the more special and memorable and, plus, choosing a fun location makes it way more enjoyable for the littlest family members who need room to run and let off a little energy. And finding the perfect location is one of my favorite parts of planning sessions with families! Also, clothing...I always tell families to wear what is true to them and their personalities. If fashion is important to you and your family, come out in your best outfits. If your more laid back and would rather be bare foot and wearing jeans, that's perfect too! There are no rules. Whatever you feel best represents your family and what you're most comfortable in is what's important. 

2. Storytelling. Family photos are now based on the ability to tell the story of your family. Who you are, how you got there, what you love, what you stand for. Is there a hard season your family has just walked through? Is their a birth or accomplishment you celebrating? Is their an ordinary, everyday magic to your days that you want to remember forever? These are the things that can be told through a family photo session. I've laughed and cried with families, run around in the sunshine documenting their children's smiles, set up Christmas decorations, and documented special announcements. These are just a few of the moments in time that your photographer can capture for you. Everyone has a story to tell and family pictures are one way to tell it beautifully.


3. Although your kiddos might fuss or have a complaint or two about getting their pictures taken, I can guarentee you that they will want these memories when they're older. When they're able to look back and realize how precious this time was. It's such an awesome thing to be able to give them the gift of memories that they can hold in their hands. My family's old photo albums are one of the most important things I own. Did I care about them when I was a kid? No way. But now they are so much fun to peruse through with family and laugh (and sometimes cry!) at the little moments that have been captured forever. 

4. These photos are your legacy. I will always encourage families to not only have their photos taken but also to have them printed. Make these memories tangible. Enjoy them in their physical form and pass them down to the next generation. 


So for a little fun, a lot of love, and a great memory, get those photos taken. Stop waiting until the kids are older, until the time is right, or things are more put together. Your beautiful chaos is worth documenting right now. Life is never perfect and pictures should never be fake or misleading. Take the time to remember life right now in this moment. Your story is ready to be told.