Farmhouse Session with the Beckman Family

So, it took me longer than I wanted, but I finally have this beautiful families session up! This is my fourth time getting to photograph Matt, Kat, and their super (super, super, super, super!!!) cute babies. And let me tell you, each time is so refreshing for my heart. It starts with the drive out to their farmhouse. It feels so good to get away from the traffic, the crowds, and roll down the windows and take a breath of truly fresh air. It always makes me want to pack up my family and move out in to the country and start farming! And then I remember that I killed my hanging plant on my front porch and I have to rethink that dream. But it's a nice thought for the few hours that I'm out there! 

Getting to explore their ever changing property and photograph their bright eyed kiddos is something I always look forward to. I'm sure some of you know, but when you buy a 1900's era farmhouse and a piece of land the work is never done. It's constantly in a beautiful state of transition and growth and new life. And I think that has been my favorite part, watching it change as their family grows and time and again being amazed at what they do and all their hard work. 

I hope you love getting a glimpse into this beautiful life they've built as much as I loved photographing it. Afterwards, close your eyes and picture the sun drenched fields, the warm, country wind on your face, the long, winding roads past crops and farms. Let it give you little break and a much needed rest from the hustle of life.